A wholly memorable Asian Fusion dining experience.


Omaniku was born out of a passion for quality ingredients and customer experience. We are purveyors of meat, and we seek to introduce diners to it and all of its nuances through our careful preparation and engaging service. 

pictures of beef
server helping someone check out
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 Our core values, here at Omaniku, are rooted in serving exquisite dishes alongside knowledgeable and friendly staff members that contribute to a modern and welcoming ambiance. The services we provide for you begins before you even walk through our doors with careful planning for dinner and events. When you plan your visit with us, keep our principles in mind—at Omaniku, we promise to deliver on each of these attributes to give you an unforgettable dining experience.


Our courses feature the finest cuts of meat highlighting our USDA Prime steak from Greater Omaha and Snake River Farms, as well as our exquisite Japanese A5 Wagyu from the Miyazaki Prefecture. Using a special technique to tenderize our various cuts, we ensure an enjoyable chew, rich in flavor and grilled to perfection.

seafood platter before serving
meat platter before serving
raw a5 wagyu thinly sliced

Our seafood is prepared with equal care, sourcing only the highest quality seafood such as our fresh lobster’s and U-8 Scallops. In combination with our signature house-made sauces, we craft dishes with flavor profiles that are refreshing and fulfilling.